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Preventing harm to mothers and
babies in childbirth...

through healthcare training and education in Uganda.

How we help

In childbirth, women and their babies are 40 times more likely to die or suffer severe injuries.

Birth-Aid is a small charity run by a group of surgeons from St. Mary’s Hospital, Manchester. The doctors travel to Uganda in their own time, are not paid and there are no administrative costs.

 In Uganda living with severe childbirth injuries is very debilitating: most women live without running water and electricity and the loss of control of bodily functions can lead to rejection and social isolation. An operation can transform the lives of these women and enable them to return to a normal life in their community.

We aim to improve the health, well-being and dignity of women in the Rwenzori region of western Uganda by providing training and education to healthcare professionals locally.

Delivered through:

  • Surgical training camps
  • Sharing new techniques and procedures
  • Providing educational support for training
  • Programmes which are delivered locally




Help us restore dignity to women with childbirth injury


Patient Stories

Felicia - 38yrs old
20 years ago Felicia left home in the Congo to get work in Uganda.  She met a man in Uganda and got married.  She happily became pregnant but the baby died during childbirth and she developed a VVF (vesico-vaginal fistula).  Because of her urinary incontinence her husband abandoned her so she returned home the Congo to live with her parents.  She is the youngest of 8 children.  3 of her siblings have been killed in the civil war in the Congo.  Militias raid the village and kill villagers quite regularly.

Her family heard about the surgical camp in Fort Portal on the radio in Congo.  Her parents raised the money and travelled with her to seek help.  The journey took 3 days in the back of a pickup truck. It is a tough journey because the Rwenzori Mountains divide Congo from Uganda.

The injury was repaired during the camp in 2016.  
Since the surgery she has been totally continent for the first time in 20 years.  She will be able to work and integrate into her community again.

Fumclesia — 25yrs old
Fumclesia is 25 years old and has no children. In her first pregnancy, she was stuck in labour at home for three days. By the time she reached the hospital her womb had torn open and her baby had died. She needed a caesarean section and a hysterectomy to save her life.

After a difficult recovery, she began to leak urine from her vagina. Fumclesia had been stuck in labour so long that some of the skin between her vagina and her bladder had disappeared, leaving her continuously incontinent of urine. 

It may not seem like it, but Fumclesia is lucky. She is one of the survivors, most women in her situation die before they reach a hospital.
Your generous support meant that Fumclesia could have her complicated surgery performed by a highly experienced Surgeon, and re-join her husband’s family.

The Difference

80% of women are helped by surgical repair, to restore their lives

What's happening?

Charity Golf Day

Thursday 31st August 2017 — Prestburxy Golf Club

A team of Four: can enter for £320.

To enter a team please contact one of the following:
— Charlie Cunningham 07973 387165
— John Winkler 07710 409080
— John Handley 07917 527453 
— Tony Smith 07770 97125

Download an event PDF here.

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